bake with kids: eggless gluten free lemon scones

little one and i made gluten free eggless pumpkin scones for Thanksgiving last year so i’m looking forward to making lemon scones with her also! Continue reading “bake with kids: eggless gluten free lemon scones”

cook with kids recipe: gluten free eggless lemon ricotta cookies

when prepping for a group playdate, i accidentally bought too much ricotta cheese! so i needed a recipe to use up some of the cheese. one of the mothers brought some DE-LICIOUS lemon cookies from a favorite cookie company: Ohmigod! i had been fantasizing about them since. so when a top result of recipes with ricotta cheese was lemon ricotta cookies, it was an easy decision! Continue reading “cook with kids recipe: gluten free eggless lemon ricotta cookies”

daycare thanksgiving meal 2016

for my little one’s daycare thanksgiving party, each family is to bring a dish for potluck. in addition though, i have to make a complete meal for the little one since i don’t know what ingredients other parents will use in their dishes. since we will be making a whole chicken for our family thanksgiving, i didn’t want to make another whole chicken for the school thanksgiving party. luckily my pressure cooker allows me to make a dish so easily that i can throw everything in and not think about it yet know the dish will be delish! menu chicken … Continue reading daycare thanksgiving meal 2016