recipe: fish congee with a “grainy” twist

i love congee – not only is it comforting but it’s also refreshing and not heavy. love love love it and am pretty sure k will too. i’ve always had congee plain (soupy white rice) but when i was sick mom would add egg – the ultimate comfort food. Continue reading “recipe: fish congee with a “grainy” twist”

processed gluten free vegan snack: Van’s Multigrain Crackers

from the same brand that brought k her love of waffles, is Van’s Gluten Free Multigrain Crackers. it has a crispy texture and nice flavor. like most snacks it is a little saltier than i would like for myself and even more so to give to a toddler so i lightly wipe off the top and bottom of each cracker to remove some of the salt and then it’s perfect!

SDltd-fd-snk_151235-1240 Continue reading “processed gluten free vegan snack: Van’s Multigrain Crackers”

recipe: happy apple-in-the-middle pancakes

after enjoying the happy pancakes with k, i was excited to try other alternatives. i found this biscuit battered fruit rings recipe *see note 2 because it sounded fun! apple wrapped in pancake – how awesome is that? the process looked like it would be fun to watch so i had k join me in the kitchen while i dipped the apple into the pancake batter and then cook – she enjoyed seeing the process and more importantly she had a great time eating them! Continue reading “recipe: happy apple-in-the-middle pancakes”