having a “ho ho ho” season!

there’s such joy sharing the holidays with little ones! this year we amped it up with lots of food fun. i don’t know if I enjoyed making them or little one enjoyed eating them. we also were able to prepare … Continue reading having a “ho ho ho” season!

pancake art: Breakfast with Santa

it’s that time again, where you-know-who comes to visit! Continue reading “pancake art: Breakfast with Santa”

Breyers® ice cream

grew up with and happy to share Breyers® Ice Cream‎

when we went to taiwan during the summer my relatives wanted my little one to enjoy ice cream. my hesitation had been that ice cream has egg but my cousin was sure it didn’t so he asked the chef and low and behold, the chef confirmed that the Häagen-Dazs® ice cream they served didn’t have egg. so my little one had the first taste of vanilla, mango and strawberry ice cream. happy toddler! Continue reading “grew up with and happy to share Breyers® Ice Cream‎”

patriotic breakfast: waffle art – Fourth of July!

while June 14 is Flag Day, but the day you see flags everywhere is on Independence Day aka Fourth of July! so for breakfast, how about some stars and stripes with yogurt, fruit and waffles!

cooking tools

  • star shaped cookie cutter


  • gluten free vegan waffles
  • plain organic yogurt
  • blackberries
  • strawberries

Continue reading “patriotic breakfast: waffle art – Fourth of July!”