dehydration: oral electrolyte solution

we started k at daycare so she could be around other kids to be social as well as to learn from them. of course with exposure to other people, especially kids, comes germs. a friend’s daughter almost a year older than k started in daycare when she was 3 months. a friend said during her daughter’s first year at daycare, she was sick often – with diarrhea, ear infections, etc. – but during her second year, it got better.

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solids: gathering information – part 1

months 4 and 5 had been focused on finding the root cause of k’s eczema. we spent time visiting the dermatologist and the allergists, following home direction as well as getting and then waiting results allergy tests. therefore we didn’t actually start k on solids until she was a little after 6 months old. Continue reading “solids: gathering information – part 1”