allergy: egg white and the flu

since k is attending daycare, it is expected that she may get sick more often since she’ll be exposed to more people and more germs. this is not necessarily a bad thing because it can help build up her immune system. but we do want to take precaution so it is recommended for babies to get a flu shot because even though we want to build up her immune system, it doesn’t mean we want her to get every kind of sickness! Continue reading “allergy: egg white and the flu”

dehydration: oral electrolyte solution

we started k at daycare so she could be around other kids to be social as well as to learn from them. of course with exposure to other people, especially kids, comes germs. a friend’s daughter almost a year older than k started in daycare when she was 3 months. a friend said during her daughter’s first year at daycare, she was sick often – with diarrhea, ear infections, etc. – but during her second year, it got better.

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first solid!

i talked to other new moms, read The Wholesome Baby Food Guide and looked at the pediatrician’s feeding guide. while cereal is a common first food, we had to be mindful of k’s wheat allergy and we were concerned about arsenic in rice. instead, we decide to start k with a vegetable *read note 1. some vegetables have a sweeter taste, especially the yellow / orange / red color vegetables, so i decided k’s first food would be green!

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solids: gathering information – part 2

as directed by almost all resources, we saw k’s pediatrician before we started her on solids. she provided us her recommended feeding introduction schedule which we took under advisement.

from the result of k’s food allergy tests, we knew there were some things we had to avoid. but even if there are some common foods we think know, we had to make sure to read up on it anyway, i.e. spelt, durum, semolina are in the wheat family. we also have to look at the fine print for details such as “manufactured in a facility that also processes …” or “may contain traces of …”

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solids: gathering information – part 1

months 4 and 5 had been focused on finding the root cause of k’s eczema. we spent time visiting the dermatologist and the allergists, following home direction as well as getting and then waiting results allergy tests. therefore we didn’t actually start k on solids until she was a little after 6 months old. Continue reading “solids: gathering information – part 1”