food allergies

rule of thumb when introducing new foods to babies is introduce it for 3 to 5 days. if there are no reactions, it is considered safe for your child. since k was fed both breast milk and formula, we knew k could handle milk and soy but because of eczema, k was tested for environment and food allergies.

while i experienced food allergies – in my teens, i started to be allergic to some fruits, including apples, pears and peaches – and – in my twenties, i developed an allergy to milk (but not dairy, which i was relieved to find out) – lucky for me, my allergies aren’t severe.

the most common food allergies: eggs, fish, milk, nuts from trees (including hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts), peanuts (groundnuts), shellfish (including shrimps, mussels, and crab), soya and wheat. k tested positive for eggs, milk, nuts and wheat.

so far we know k is allergic to:


  • strawberries  *** year 2 update: YAY, allergy went away!!! ***



  • wheat
    DYK 1: soy sauce has wheat?
    – DYK 2: there is wheat in play-doh?
    – DYK 3: ketchup has wheat?


  • peanuts and tree nuts (i.e. walnuts)
    – DYK 1: peanuts and tree nuts are separate categories?
    – DYK 2: coconuts is also a nut?
  • egg white
    – DYK 1: since egg whites and egg yolk are almost impossible to separate, it’s best to avoid both

unfortunately, there are still many foods we haven’t tested or tried yet so there may be more foods she will be allergic to. aside from the 3-5 day food trial, our allergist suggested a way to check for an immediate reaction:

  1. touching the food and then touching baby’s lips and see if s/he has a reaction
  2. touching a little bit of the food in the inside of baby’s mouth to see if s/he has a reaction

for the foods she already tested positive for food allergies, our allergist suggest we stay away from those foods – even have them around the house – to reduce her exposure to them. it is possible she may grow out of the allergies so we would test them again in a year’s time to see if her reaction to them changes.


1. resource: Medical News Today Common Food Allergens

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