as a new parents, m & i debated how we would feed our child – from initial breast milk or formula to solids. we knew for sure that as much as we could we would give her breast milk but if we needed to supplement with formula, we would. since we don’t actually start solids until k is 4 to 6 months old, we had some time to get to know her before it all began. after the first month, we learned k had eczema.

our pediatric dermatologist started k on a course of cortisone medication with the goal to clear out all of her eczema. unfortunately, it didn’t work and the eczema continued. our derm wanted to see if there were any other causes of her eczema so we took her for a skin prick test, where they tested 60 food allergies with pricks on her back. while it did show some food allergies, they were very low levels and since she hadn’t start any solids yet the derm felt food was not the cause of her eczema. next we went to see an allergist to test for environmental issues which was unfortunately a blood test. blood tests are usually given after the first year but finding the root cause of her eczema was important so the allergist ordered the test. you can test up to 6 items at a time so the allergist recommended we test dust, roaches and mold for environmental allergies and wheat, egg white and peanuts for common food allergies. results of the blood test did not show any environmental allergies but it did show some food allergies. on the 1 to 7 level, they were only levels 2 & 3. so again, since she hadn’t started eating solids yet, the derm felt it was not the cause of her eczema.

by the time we started k on solids, we already knew she had some food allergies. but the tests didn’t show all of her food allergies so there may be foods we hadn’t tested yet that she may be allergic to. rule of thumb when starting your baby on solids (whether s/he has eczema or had any early tests) is to have your baby try a food for 3 to 5 days. if there are no reactions it is considered safe for the baby to eat. so here is our food journey.

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