egg allergy

i was never obsessed with eggs. i like egg white but didn’t love egg yolk. every now and then when i would bake, i would occasionally substitute applesauce or banana just for fun. but when my little one was tested positive for egg allergy, it became a necessity instead of “fun”.

finding pre-prepared foods, including bread and snacks, for someone with an egg allergy OR wheat allergy is “easy” in comparison to looking for both egg AND wheat. few brands like Vans Foods has frozen waffles and Food for Life has cinnamon raisin breads that are both gluten free and vegan so I stock up on those regularly. Bob Red Mill products are stocked in my cabinets with ground flax as my egg substitute.

i came across this Vegan Egg Substitutions chart from The Blender Girl yesterday and had to save it. it is nice to have options in the food allergy world!

The Blender Girl