garlic allergy

did you know it’s really hard to find foods without garlic? i personally was a garlic fanatic. i love ordering dishes with garlic and i cooked with garlic all of the time – not just a little, i put a LOT. if the recipe called for 2 cloves, i would put 4. if it called for 6 cloves, i’d put a whole head.

so when i found out my little one had a garlic allergy, it forced me check myself. i always believed we should have a balanced diet but with garlic i didn’t hold back. now i had to learn how to prepare meals without garlic. at first i thought it was just omit adding garlic but a lot of products we cook with has garlic including tomato sauce, hot sauce, pesto, stock, etc. i had to learn to make those things from scratch as well – from garlic-free tomato sauce, garlic-free pesto, garlic-free stock. here are some other recipes without garlic. in addition there are garlic stand-ins including chives, celery and cumin.
snacks are a large part of children’s daily meals. i didn’t plan to give my child processed snacks so early but whether another child brings it in or the school provides it, my little one sees the snacks and wants it. unfortunately a lot of savory snacks has garlic – from chips to crackers to dips – so i had to find snacks that my little one could eat. luckily there are garlic free snacks out there!