Sunday breakfast: waffle art – bears!

i have missed a few Sunday breakfasts. i am not a morning person! m takes care of k in the morning, from wake up through breakfast while i catch an extra hour or so of ZZZZZZZZs. i had tried to be original every Sunday, coming up with something new (i.e. muffins, pancakes, crepes, etc.) but i realize it would take a lot more planning and time than i am capable of! Continue reading “Sunday breakfast: waffle art – bears!”

baby feeding schedule: beginning of a picky eater?

friends have told me how their kids used to be a good eater but then the kid later became a picky eater. i was always afraid that would come true because we’ve been lucky that k has been a really good eater. then last month, k started to say: “no peas” “no pepper” “no corn” consistently. every now and then she’ll say: “no tofu” “no  blackberries” – which she normally loves. other times, she’ll be selective and say: “only bok choy”, “only fish” or “only pasta”. if we say “no”, she’d tantrum. what happened my happy eater? Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: beginning of a picky eater?”