cook with kids: cornbread muffin

have been in a little rut deciding what to cook with little one lately so i opted to refresh her skills in mixing, scooping and brushing with a cornbread mix to pair with tonight’s dinner: hearty beef chili. Continue reading “cook with kids: cornbread muffin”

cook with kids recipe: gluten free eggless pumpkin muffins

gluten free vegan pumpkin muffinpumpkin bread is one of my favorite baked goods and i wanted a recipe that my little one could enjoy as well. i found this vegan pumpkin muffin recipe and tweaked it with my child’s allergy restrictions. the original recipe was sweeter than i liked so i reduced the sugar and i added some pumpkin seeds to give the muffins a little crunchy texture. Continue reading “cook with kids recipe: gluten free eggless pumpkin muffins”