allergy: egg white and the flu

since k is attending daycare, it is expected that she may get sick more often since she’ll be exposed to more people and more germs. this is not necessarily a bad thing because it can help build up her immune system. but we do want to take precaution so it is recommended for babies to get a flu shot because even though we want to build up her immune system, it doesn’t mean we want her to get every kind of sickness! Continue reading “allergy: egg white and the flu”

dehydration: oral electrolyte solution

we started k at daycare so she could be around other kids to beĀ social as well as to learn from them. of course with exposure to other people, especially kids, comes germs. a friend’s daughter almost a year older than k started in daycare when she was 3 months. a friend said during her daughter’s first year at daycare, she was sick often – with diarrhea, ear infections, etc. – but during her second year, it gotĀ better.

Continue reading “dehydration: oral electrolyte solution”