introducing new foods: yogurt

even though you can’t start babies on milk until they turn 1, they can start to have yogurt at 6 months. like milk, until baby turns 2 it is best to give whole fat yogurt because fat is an important source for brain development. yogurt also has a lot of probiotics which is good for babies (as well as for adults). since it is derived from milk, it is also an excellent source of protein. because of its many benefits, yogurt is known as a power food – one which should be eaten daily. so as soon as we knew k could eat yogurt, we gave to her on a regular basis Continue reading “introducing new foods: yogurt”

introducing new foods: apple

since i was planning to start k on fruits, it might as well be the healthiest of all fruits: the apple! there is such a variety of apples (macintosh, golden delicious, gala, fuji, pink lady, etc.) so which do you choose?

  1. i look for the choices of organic apples because unfortunately, apples have consistently been on the “dirty dozen” list *read note 1.
  2. i look for the type that is less sweet: i.e. Honey Crisp apples are very sweet where as Granny Smith apples have a nice tart flavor. so i started k on Granny Smith apples.

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introducing new foods: oat bran

oat bran
it took us a while to decide what cereal we would start k with. we couldn’t start her with barley or buckwheat due to her wheat allergy. we wanted to hold off on rice because of the arsenic issue *read note 1. so we decided on oatmeal.

after some research, i was able to find wheat free and gluten free oat bran, which is the outer husk of the oat. it is rich in dietary fiber, protein and iron. Continue reading “introducing new foods: oat bran”