recipe: gluten free eggless corn fritters

for the most part, we have one vegetarian and one meat dish a day (not including breakfast) but i’ve been feeling like i need to shake up my vegetarian dishes. Continue reading “recipe: gluten free eggless corn fritters”

recipe: eggless chocolate mousse

i love this recipe: a dessert that is only 3 ingredients and water! it is perfect to make with kids – it’s simple and it’s no bake Continue reading “recipe: eggless chocolate mousse”

cook with kids recipe: marshmallow rice treat fun

last winter, i made these impromptu marshmallow rice treat snowmen for dessert at a family gathering. when shaping the snowmen, i squeezed them a bit tight and it made them a little difficult to eat. but little one loved them! Continue reading “cook with kids recipe: marshmallow rice treat fun”

cook with kids recipe: gluten free eggless brownies

my go-to for savory or sweet gluten free baking mixes is Bob’s Red Mill but i like to try others. It’s Wholesome has an extensive line of sweet baking mixes so for the week before Valentine’s Day, little one and i made brownies! little one mixed the batter and spread it on the pan so we could bake a thin layer of brownies. after letting it cool, we used the cookie cutters to create heart-shaped brownies. little one and i had fun baking and eating brownies! Continue reading “cook with kids recipe: gluten free eggless brownies”

Breyers® ice cream

grew up with and happy to share Breyers® Ice Cream‎

when we went to taiwan during the summer my relatives wanted my little one to enjoy ice cream. my hesitation had been that ice cream has egg but my cousin was sure it didn’t so he asked the chef and low and behold, the chef confirmed that the Häagen-Dazs® ice cream they served didn’t have egg. so my little one had the first taste of vanilla, mango and strawberry ice cream. happy toddler! Continue reading “grew up with and happy to share Breyers® Ice Cream‎”

recipe: happy apple-in-the-middle pancakes

after enjoying the happy pancakes with k, i was excited to try other alternatives. i found this biscuit battered fruit rings recipe *see note 2 because it sounded fun! apple wrapped in pancake – how awesome is that? the process looked like it would be fun to watch so i had k join me in the kitchen while i dipped the apple into the pancake batter and then cook – she enjoyed seeing the process and more importantly she had a great time eating them! Continue reading “recipe: happy apple-in-the-middle pancakes”

recipe: happy pancakes

every morning k has plain organic whole fat yogurt with banana for breakfast – sometimes with additional fruit, i.e. avocado, mango, pineapple, etc. but when i looked at the packaging of yogurt i bought one Sunday morning, i realized i bought flavored yogurt instead of the plain. the problem with flavored yogurt is that in addition to added flavor, there is a LOT of sugar. Continue reading “recipe: happy pancakes”

zucchini pizza bites

i had been thinking of making pizza for k but i haven’t experimented with the dough yet. so this is a fun first step to introducing k to pizza! –> recipe on Palatable Palette the zucchini ended p being a little too crunch for her but i think she enjoyed it nonetheless! Continue reading zucchini pizza bites

daycare cooking assignment: chocolate muffin

next assignment was chocolate muffins. i knew flour would be an issue because of wheat so i originally tried a quinoa flour recipe. but quinoa flour gave the muffin a funny flavor, not my first choice of a dessert flour substitute. so i went to the grocery store and found a gluten free flour which as made of oats. as oats is something frequently eaten with something sweet and k can have oats so i tried a double chunk chocolate oat muffin recipe Continue reading “daycare cooking assignment: chocolate muffin”