Happy Thank*ful-for-food*Giving!

another year and lucky to have so much to be thankful for. we not only have be able to put food and home over our heads but also have plentiful to share with extended family and friends as well as … Continue reading Happy Thank*ful-for-food*Giving!

recipe: eggless chocolate mousse

i love this recipe: a dessert that is only 3 ingredients and water! it is perfect to make with kids – it’s simple and it’s no bake Continue reading “recipe: eggless chocolate mousse”

recipe: eggless gluten free pumpkin dinner roll

since i have been watching baking competition shows, the idea of baking has been less daunting. that is good because i can try to make things i enjoy for my little one. Continue reading “recipe: eggless gluten free pumpkin dinner roll”