play: transporting fruits and vegetables

with all the bad press about walker toys for toddlers of late, i got the Little Helper’s Shopping Cart by Step2 instead. like little ones imitating parents pushing a doll in a doll stroller, so can little ones imitate parents picking up groceries! Continue reading “play: transporting fruits and vegetables”

play: sorting fruits and vegetables

k really enjoyed playing with the stuffed fruits and vegetables set but no longer a baby, i wanted a more expansive set of fruits and vegetables toy and this was it. Continue reading “play: sorting fruits and vegetables”

play: stuffed fruits and vegetables

in order start introducing each fruit and vegetable to k, i looked for toys that would help k recognize them. there were plastic versions but i didn’t want k to put plastic in her mouth all of the time. then i found this stuffed toy set online. what made me decide was that they are machine washable so i can clean them often. Continue reading “play: stuffed fruits and vegetables”