introducing new foods: parsnip

parsnip is another food i never ate before. like many others i always thought it was in the same family as carrots because they look alike but they are actually not in the same family.parsnip

taste wise, they are a little sweet but is more reminiscent of a potato than carrot, which may be due to its high starch content. they also have a nice flavor.

another aspect about parsnips is its nice aroma that comes out when you are steaming. it smells like bread when it’s baking. mmmmmm. yummy! Continue reading “introducing new foods: parsnip”

introducing new foods: zucchini

zucchini is part of the squash family so water used to steam can be reused for diluting other foods. it doesn’t take long to steam since it softens quickly.

zucchini doesn’t have a strong flavor so i like to pair it with other fruits and vegetables that have a stronger or sweeter flavor – i.e. make a fruit less sweet or make another vegetable less bitter. Continue reading “introducing new foods: zucchini”

recipe: carrots, butternut squash and potato


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introducing new foods: sweet potato / yam

another vegetable in the orange color family – yummy power food sweet potato / yam. you can dilute if you want but it really doesn’t need it. baked sweet potato and yams are so soft it can be enjoyed alone.

i did some research on sweet potatoes vs. yams. the two are not actually from the same family but both are power foods and have lot of nutrition. the orange color vegetable are sweeter vs. the yellow color vegetable is not as sweet. there are also purple color ones but i have yet to try them! Continue reading “introducing new foods: sweet potato / yam”

introducing new foods: butternut squash

i’ve never had butternut squash before i started cooking and the only way i had it was as roasted butternut squash soup. but as i was reading up on introducing k to solids, butternut squashit turns out that butternut squash is quite popular! it is a favorite for babies because of it’s sweetness as indicated in it bright orange color.

here are two ways to prep butternut squash: baking and steaming.

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introducing new foods: green beans

when i think of green beans for kids, i think of soft olive colored overcooked 1-inch beans. i didn’t want to serve that to my child – after all, the nutrients would have been cooked away!

green beansso i made sure i didn’t overcook the beans but that means after i cook them, i need to put it in the food processor for a litter longer to make sure they are ground into fine shreds since baby can’t chew yet. but remember you can save the water used to cook the beans so you don’t lose any of the nutrients! Continue reading “introducing new foods: green beans”