travel prep

travel is awesome. being away from the comforts of home takes you, well, OUT of your comfort zone where you can easily grab what you need. when you bring little one(s), it takes a little planning. when you child has food allergies and eczema, it takes more planning. but it is all worth it to be able to discover … to explore … to .


  • disinfectant wipes to wipe down air rests, tray table, seat belt, etc. for child and your seat(s)
  • fitted or flat bed sheet to wrap around airplane seat
  • toddler additional seat belt


  • put your cooked food in your carry-on luggage and it’ll get scanned with your carry on luggage. some say that if you pack your food too tightly in a thermos, it may be a flag for TSA reps to check your package.
  • bring food pouches
  • savory snacks and sweet snacks